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Long letter cutting machine manufacturers after-sales service

 Longxin cutting machine manufacturers of cutting machine equipment specifications as many as dozens, most of the cutting equipment in the delivery to the user's factory also requires our after-sales service colleagues to go door installation, training the user's factory technical staff. Longxin Machinery also promised that the equipment sold will be free of charge for on-site installation and free training for the operator of the user's factory.

     After-sales service is the end of a sales job and the beginning of the next sales job. It is a long and endless cycle. If this work is not done well, then all the effort in front of this customer is equivalent to inexhaustible effort, which means that for the current customer, you lose the opportunity for long-term cooperation with the user. Longxin Machinery's after-sales engineers are veterans who have many years of experience in the production of mechanical equipment. They not only have excellent skills, but also are highly praised by users for their service quality.

      Long letter cutting machine manufacturers in addition to good customer service in the after-sales phase of the user, but also establish a set of complete customer data records and statistical analysis of the mechanism, the customer feedback source / type / feedback to be statistical analysis, statistical customer The service effect of service personnel also sorts out common solutions, provides excellent after-sales service for after-sales customers in the later period, and continues to create customer value and enhances business efficiency.

    What kind of uneasiness do you have to buy cutting machines from such cutting machine manufacturers?

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