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Cutting Machine Manufacturer

The automatic pipe cutting machine manufacturer quietly tells you that the steel mills are now directly charging the factory for waste.

Foshan Longxin automatic pipe cutting machine manufacturer learned from the pipe mill manufacturer of related industries, in order to grasp the raw materials, pick out the higher purity waste, there are 201 narrow strip plant recently chose to directly purchase the waste pipe plant.

Due to bypassing the middle trader link, it may be due to lack of buffers and the lack of concentration is not enough, the cost may not be very provincial, but the product quality is guaranteed. Foshan Longxin automatic pipe cutting machine manufacturers also learned from the pipe mill manufacturer of related industries that due to the lack of intermediate hands, the purchase price of scrap can still be relatively good.

It is understood that, despite the recent suspension of production of the Dainan medium-frequency furnace and the suspension of intermediate frequency production in individual provinces, scrap prices have been suppressed. However, due to yesterday's rebound in steel prices, individual waste yards today also have a 50-100 increase in their products:

304 no glue 9100 yuan / ton, a plastic 8950 yuan / ton;

201 No glue 4450 yuan / ton, there are plastic 4,000 yuan / ton, are not including tax.

Cutting Machine Manufacturer

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