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Why choose Longxin Machinery's laser cutting machine

Foshan Nanhai Longxin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of metal pipe cutting and processing equipment. The company's main products are welded pipe online free flat automatic cutting machine, automatic pipe cutting machine, CNC pipe cutting machine, automatic pipe cutting machine, semi-automatic pipe cutting machine, manual pipe cutting machine, cutting head, high speed steel circular saw blade, terminal Molding machines (chamfering machines), pipe bending machines, etc. The company is about to introduce a new laser cutting machine for automatic processing of pipes.

Longxin Machinery has strong technical force and has an experienced R&D team with strong strength. At present, it has obtained a number of research and development honors. The company's “High-precision automatic intelligent pipe cutting machine” and “Hydraulic automatic pipe cutting machine” were awarded Guangdong High-tech. The Technical Enterprise Association has identified as high-tech products in Guangdong Province; the company covers an area of 5,000 square meters, has more than 50 experienced production employees, and has a large number of large-scale CNC machine tools. The core components of all cutting equipment such as cutting heads are The company processing machine manufacturing. Equipped with advanced technical equipment and testing equipment, we have established a sound management system and a scientific and rigorous quality management system to provide our customers with more cutting equipment and more intimate services. According to the market demand, the new automatic pipe cutting machine----Intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine has changed the feeding mode of the traditional automatic pipe cutting machine, realized the automatic continuous feeding, automatic identification of the material tail and cut off, automatic counting And to stop the replacement of the saw blade, cutting precision to ± 0.05mm, tail material can be as short as 0.03mm, one person can operate multiple machines at the same time, saving material costs, labor costs for the majority of pipe cutting processing companies, helping the user industry The structure is upgraded to automation.

In recent years, the demand for metal laser pipe cutting machines in the Chinese market has been continuously increasing. Various industries are paying particular attention to the processing speed and quality of metal laser pipe cutting machines. Long Xin Machinery takes its own market demands as its duty. The upcoming laser cutting pipe The machine is equipped with functions such as straight cutting, bevel cutting, hole drilling, engraving, etc. In the processing of metal products, all the above processes can be completed only once, and no more manual and multi-step operations are required. This will be another automation industry upgrade in the hardware processing industry!

Select Longxin Machinery and choose Longxin Laser Pipe Cutting Machine. You will once again go to the front of the automation industry upgrade industry!

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