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Do you keep up with the upgrading trend of laser pipe cutting machine

For pipe processing enterprises, the introduction of laser cutting equipment processing has gradually formed the trend of technological upgrading, no replacement will be the same, be eliminated by the market, so laser pipe cutting machine is more and more popular. The new technology of laser pipe cutting machine replaces the traditional metal processing technology of old technology, including flame cutting, water cutting, plasma cutting and so on.

 These processes have their own characteristics in cutting thickness, cutting precision, metallurgical performance, production efficiency, etc. However, there are also some problems such as low efficiency and poor processing effect. Traditional tools have been unable to meet the needs of modern industrial production. Optical fiber laser pipe cutting machine, with the advantages of high quality and low cost, has gradually replaced the traditional technology and become an ideal tool in metal processing. With the continuous application of laser technology in manufacturing industry, laser tube cutting machine will gradually replace the punching machine, and the market space of optical fiber laser cutting equipment will be very large in the future.

 China's laser equipment sales revenue is expected to be 45.5 billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 18% over the same period last year. The market size of China's laser equipment is expected to exceed 60 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of more than 20 yuan compared with the same period last year. China's laser industry has ushered in an important period of development. In industrial production, the replacement of tools with the old and the new represents the progress of technology and the improvement of production efficiency. Besides laser pipe cutting machines, laser equipment has set off a technological revolution in various industries, such as laser coding machines instead of ink inkjet machines. The laser welding machine replaces the traditional welding equipment and so on. With the upgrading of industrial automation, industrial production requires higher precision, efficiency and reliability, and more advanced processing tools are essential.

 Under this background, the performance-price advantage of laser equipment becomes more and more obvious. Laser pipe cutting machine update trend, your enterprise to keep up with?

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